20th - 22nd October 2022 Chinnor Players will be presenting their autumn production of “At The Sign of the Crippled Harlequin” A case of mistaken identity leads to tragedy in this engaging thriller. In true Norman Robbins fashion the deepening mystery is rich with shocks and laughs as the play moved to its unexpected close.

Tickets available September onwards from Chinnor Community Pavilion as well as on-line


16.11.2018 18:41

Bookings Chinnor Village Hall

Hello Helen the Swop Shop runs two or three times a year, depends on when the organisers book it.

16.11.2018 17:20


Hi Is your swop shop every Saturday?

29.04.2017 18:15

June Courtney

A map showing where this is located would be very useful to newcomers to the area - I have no idea where Chinnor is.