Chinnor Village Hall Committee would welcome any assistance in raising funds    😀😉

The Chinnor Village Hall has benefited from some generous Donations and Grants.  This money has been spent wisely ie:-

  • Refurbishment of the Main Hall November 2014 - Jan 2015
  • Side external wall rendered
  • Wheelchair ramp built
  • Tables and Chairs purchased
  • Steam mop purchased to assist in keeping all the floors up to Health and Safety standards
  • Repairs to the front car park
  • Acoustic Panels (Anonymous donor)
  • Installation of LED Lighting throughout the building
  • Refurbishment of main kitchen Jan / Feb 2019 (Grant from Developer)
  • Installation of waterless urnials
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Demolition of chimney 

If you can help with fund raising or have any ideas please let us know by giving us a call on 07981920426 or email:- 



 We would like to thank all our Sponsors and those who have made generous donations to Chinnor Village Hall.  It costs over £2,500 per month to keep the Halls running and any monies received are channeled towards the upkeep / maintenance / refurbishment so as to ensure we have a Village facility attractive to all.



08.12.2015 18:32

Zena Baker - Bookings CVH

We will certainly look into this suggestion as there are many public events held at CVH. Many thanks for your idea.

11.08.2015 15:55

Caz Pierce

You advertise regular classes and groups but not hall users for single events, like our Chinnor Players Quiz night on September 19th. A diary/events page would benefit the hall and it's users!

22.06.2015 12:35

Zena Baker - Bookings CVH

What we could do is have a page giving details of classes together with the email contact for that class. See how it goes

27.05.2015 17:52

Pam Swanston

this website needs a "what's on when" page so we can see what there is and when it's on.

21.06.2015 16:08

Rebecca Minter

I agree, could we have a what's on and when page. Thank you

31.05.2015 13:30

Zena Baker - Bookings Chinnor Village Hall

Pam thank you for your comment. Classes do change, but if you email we can advise you what is currently on and when.