Party time

There are various ways of contacting Chinnor Village Hall:

Mobile: 07981920426 - This number will take you though to  the Booking Office
email:  - our generic mailbox is monitored on a daily basis

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We are committed to answering every enquiry within 24hours.

NB: All telephone enquiries are requested to follow up with an email


12.09.2022 08:35

Samantha Muller

Morning, I have tried to contact you several times on the mobile number provided, however it seems this phone is never switched on, Could someone pls phone me 07852160861 regarding one of your custome

29.06.2022 15:38


Hello Justin we have sent you 2 emails re your booking. One on Monday and again today. Check your junk mail as the emails are not bouncing back.

29.06.2022 09:19

Justin Luker

Hi Zena, trying to get hold of you to confirm details of our booking for the Small Hall on Sunday. Have sent you an email with my phone number and messaged you with the same on Facebook. Thanks.

27.06.2022 14:38

Zenn Baker

Hello Rebecca thank you for your enquiry. Please send in the details to our generic mailbox (2003 are all numerals). We will then be able to see how we can help you. Kind regard

16.06.2021 18:41

Rebecca Lythe

Hi there, I am a Towersey resident and am enquiring about the rental of your hall. Could you please let me know the best number to contact someone on to discuss a booking for September 2022. M thanx

08.06.2021 20:23

Jyotsna Yadev

Good Evening i have been trying to contact the telephone number and have written several emails regarding a booking for the 10th of July 2021 for the back hall. Please ring o7989514206

26.08.2020 12:21

LisaKelly Bradbury

Good afternoon, I’m looking to book a 1st birthday party for Saturday the 24th of October if you have availability? Do you have any soft play equipment available for hire or know of anyone?

27.08.2020 07:28

Zenn Baker

Good morning Lisa, thank you for your enquiry. We are hoping to re-open Chinnor Village Hall from the 7th September to regular hirers. Currently ad hoc bookings are on hold.

03.06.2019 09:55

Zena Baker

Hello Sian, we do have availability please email so that I can send you details

02.06.2019 19:44

Sian baker

Good evening I’m looking to open a weight watchers workshop in your area on Monday evenings do you have a hall available? If not do you know of anywhere else? Look forward to hearing from you Sian

16.01.2019 21:07

mrs kathleen jones

I would like to hire your back room on February 5 if it is available for after my mother has been buried. Keith gave me your email number. If you could let me know as soon as possible

17.01.2019 08:43


Hello Kath, we can certainly help you out. Can you send an email to with the details and I can give you all the information you are likely to need. I will hold the 5th Feb

28.08.2018 18:22

Bally bains

I would like to hire hall 6 oct

04.04.2018 06:48

Jason Madden

I'm the captain of Warwickshire chess team,.
We are looking to hire a room for a National stage match against Essex.
The match is Saturday 5th May.
We would require the room from about 12pm ish

04.04.2018 09:40

Booking Administrator

Hello Jason, 5th May the Main hall is free until 5pm small hall is free from 12.30 for the rest of the day. Please email so that we can cover any further queries you may have.

16.08.2017 07:06

Chinnor village hall committee

Hello Richard thank you for your enquiry. Please email with the details including date and time. Thank you

15.08.2017 13:31

Richard Mason

hello I am enquiring about the cost of renting the small hall per hour. As i have a small group id like to hire it for for roughly 10 people for about 5 hours
thank you