COVID19 News

Latest news for Chinnor Village Hall on the COVID-19 pandemic

The following advice for COVID-19 are in place at Chinnor Village Hall 

The Chinnor Village Hall committee are doing their best to keep the halls, open, safe and welcoming.  Please help us to achieve this goal

  • Recommended to take a lateral flow test before attending CVH 
  • QR poster availavle for use - there are several posters around the halls 
  • Recommend the use of face masks unless exercising 
  • Reasonable distancing 
  • Reccomend the use of Hand Sanitizers particularly when entering the halls 
  • COVID-19 isolation area to remain in place  

COVID19 Isolation area

Located in the main foyer and for the specific use of anyone feeling unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms


Remember the signage is for all users benefit


On no account remove this first aid box from its location in the COVID19 isolation area

Sanitisers at all entrances

Don't forget to use


COVID19 Compliant

Specific isolation area located in the foyer

If you are unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms wait in this are until you are able to go straight home

Chinnor Village Hall Safe Guarding Policy

Safe guarding

CVH Covid19riskassessment

Chinnor Village Hall Risk Assessment