COVID19 News

Latest news for Chinnor Village Hall on the COVID19 pandemic

Oh dear, we moved up a tier.  What does this mean.  The CVH Committee held an on-line meeting to gauge everyones opinions and what we should do so as to keep all our Hirers and Users safe

We currently have a committee of 9, 6 voted to remain closed, 3 for re-opening.  All agreed to revisit this decision when the Government carries out the next review on 16th December.

The majority felt as CVH has a good diverse, across the board, users / hirers, trying in a higher tier to protect as many as possible could prove beyond the abilities of CVH. Disappointing however as soon as we can we will be re-opening with all our protective measures in place.



Providing our Tier level does not change upwards we look forward to re-opening from 2nd December.  We will know more on Thursday.


Well we got as far as the October 2020 half term for which we are very grateful to all our hirers and users.  However as you are all aware, we now have to go into a 2nd lockdown




From Wednesday 4th November at 10pm Chinnor Village Hall will go into lockdown until further notice.


We will keep everyone uptodate as to when we can safely reopen




From Thursday 24th September all visitors to Chinnor Village Hall will be required to have downloaded the NHS QR APP to their phone.  Present the APP to the QR Poster located at the entrance to the hall they are going to

The APP is available from Apple / Google store

No Phone - The Class leader MUST take down your Name and Contact details which have to be kept for 21 days

Unable to download the NHS QR APP The Class leader MUST take down your Name and Contact details which have to be kept for 21 days


There are NO exemptions it is a Government requirement

CVH Re-opening

We are ready, We are Steady and from

Monday 7th September 2020

We are all GO GO GO as we open

COVID19 Isolation area

Located in the main foyer and for the specific use of anyone feeling unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms


Remember the signage is for all users benefit


On no account remove this first aid box from its location in the COVID19 isolation area

Sanitisers at all entrances

Don't forget to use


Ladies main toilet block closed. Ladies to use the assisted / baby change toilet.

From Monday 7th September 2020 Chinnor Village Hall will once again welcome back hirers.

The dedicated committee spent much of last week preparing the halls so that they are, to the best of their abilities, COVID19 compliant. 

In went the sanitisers, crowd barriers, (you may laugh) however, necessary. Signage, tissue roll holders for wipe down. A new COVID19 isolation area set up together with its own specific COVID19 first aid box and bin. First aid boxes refreshed.

All class leaders have been issued with the one way system appropriate to the hall they will be using. This information to be cascaded down to their attendees. These documents are also available to download - see bottom of the page

Kitchens, chairs, and the ladies main block of toilets closed and unavailable.

Please do not attempt to use these areas or ignore the crowd barriers in place

Our own Risk Assessment for COVID19 published.

So. life is now very very different at Chinnor Village Hall and all we the committee ask, is, that if you are attending a class, please, follow all the new guidelines to help keep other users safe, and hopefully preventing the halls from having to close again.

COVID19 Compliant

Crowd barrier - one of 3

Crowd barrier means area unavailable

Please do not enter areas protected by crowd barriers

Specific isolation area located in the foyer

If you are unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms wait in this are until you are able to go straight home

Main hall one-way system

Unsure of the new layout and using the main hall download the main hall one-way system

Small hall one-way system

Unsure of the new layout and using the small hall download the small hall one-way system

Committee room one-way system

Unsure of the new layout and using the committee room download the committee room one-way system